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ry_400-37Do You Or Your Family Members Have Any Of These Signs Of Poor Vision?

If you have any of these signs then it is time for you to call EYEWORKS and schedule your annual eye examination.  These signs include blurry vision, poor night vision, visual “floaters”, problems reading, eye stress and tired eyes, poor visual acuity even in the daylight, increase in the severity or frequency of headaches, and any pain in or around the eyes.  If you are a parent and notice your children sitting right up close to the television set, holding objects up very close to the face, or having trouble seeing the blackboard or overhead projector at school, then it is time to call EYEWORKS at 812-882-4809 (Vincennes Location, toll free at 1-877-265-2020) or 812-254-1600 (Washington Location) for an eye examination.


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Eye on the Facts

  • Babies do not produce tears until one to three months after birth
  • Each of our eyelashes has a life span of approximately five months
  • Of all the muscles in our body, the eye muscles are the most active
  • One in four children has an undetected vision problem that can interfere with learning
  • The average child today receives three times the annual UV exposure of an adult
  • 82% of people know that the sun causes skin cancer, only 9% know it can harm the eyes
  • 10% of all skin cancer occurs on the eyelids
  • UVB radiation varies over the course of the day, but it is strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • 20% of cataract operations could be prevented or delayed by using techniques to protect against UV exposure