Contact Lenses

Eye Health

  • All About Vision: Consumer Guide to Eyes and Eyecare – A great website for everything about eyes and vision.
  • American Diabetes Association: This is the official website of the American Diabetes Association. Loaded with lots of good information about diabetes, not just about eyes.
  • Diabetic Eye Disease: Lessons from a Diabetic Eye Doctor: This website is by Dr. Paul Chous, an optometrist with diabetes. It has some really good information.
  • Eye Health on Web MD: This will take you to the eye health section of Web MD’s web site.
  • Talley Eyecare: This is the web site of the Talley Eyecare practice in Evansville, In. Dr. Brummer, Dr. Silvera, Dr. Somerville, and Dr. Parhiz come to Vincennes and see patients at Eyeworks. Learn about their eyecare practice and the different surgeries and services they perform. Good information on LASIK found here.
  • The Eye Digest: Lots of good information about everything to do with eyes. Information about eye diseases, surgeries, new treatments and therapies, much more.

Eyeglass Lens add-ons

  • Crizal Lens Anti-Reflective Coating: This is the home page for Crizal Anti-Reflective Coatings for eyeglass lenses. Learn about this unique coating and how it will benefit the way you see, and way you are seen. Ask to see a demonstration of this coating at Eyeworks. Once you get Crizal Anti-reflective Coating on your new lenses, you will never get glasses without it!!
  • Transitions, lenses that darken when you go outside: This is the home page for Transitions Brand lenses that darken when you go outside and lighten when you come back inside.


  • Eye Med Vision Insurance: If you have Eye Med Vision Insurance you can go to this website and look up your benefits and find out more about your vision plan. You will also find some information about eyes and eye health.
  • Eyeglass Guide: You answer some simple questions and this guide gives you a printout about which type of eyeglass frame and lenses are best for you.
  • History of Eyeglasses: Information about the histry of eyeglasses from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • Marchon Eyewear: This is Marchon Eyewear’s home page. They make many different brands of eyewear including Calvin Klein, CK, Coach, Disney, Fendi, Nautica, Nike, Sean John, and Flexon. Flexon is the original flexible metal frame. Eyeworks carries many of these brands in stock.
  • TURA eyewear: Tura eyewear is on of the many brands of eyeglasses we carry at Eyeworks. This is their web site and you can see all of their latest styles, colors, and sizes.
  • Vision Service Plan Insurance: One of the largest vision care insurance companies around. You can go to this site and look up your benefits, if you have VSP insurance. Also some good information about eyecare, glasses, and contact lenses.


  • Fitovers Sunglasses: This is the Fitovers Sunglass home page. Get the latest information on styles, colors, and sizes. We have many of the Fitovers styles in stock at Eyeworks.
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses: This is the home page for Maui Jim Sunglasses. Get the latest information on styles, colors, sizes, and accessories Maui Jim offers. We have many of these sunglasses in stock at Eyeworks.
  • Oakley Sunglasses: Get up to the date information about Oakley brand sunglasses. All the styles, colors, sizes, and accessories Oakley offers. We have many of these sunglasses in stock at Eyeworks.